Teleconference Series

Virangini Cindy Rounsaville and Sue Ann Seccia-Harnden take an integrative approach supporting pet parents who want to treat their animals using holistic therapies. 

In this educational series, you will hear case studies on working with cats, dogs, horses, and other companion animals, as well with wild animals using these approaches.

Bring your questions as there will be time for LIVE Q&A, and you can submit questions ahead of time for the call.

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Every animal's body is unique and different, which is why vibrational medicine is an important ally and tool, as it can address the uniqueness of the imbalance that your individual pet may experience. Each month, learn some of the approaches you can use to bring balance, calm, and peace to your pets in these different situations.

Freaked Out Felines, Distressed Dogs

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common issues pet parents come to us for support. There are many things that can trigger these reactions in your pet; a car trip to visit the vet or trainer, noises from inside or outside the home, thunderstorms, meeting unfamiliar people, experiencing an injury, or recovering from surgery or trauma, picking up or mirroring relationship issues or home life stresses and more.

The Itchy, Scratchy, Bity, Poopy Show

This month's topic will help you understand how to deal with all the messy issues that show up when your pet's digestive, elimination, and respiratory systems are out of whack. We'll share case scenarios on how to address skin and fur conditions, itching, obsessive licking/biting, coughing/sneezing/runny nose, allergies, digestive/eating issues, diarrhea/constipation, and parasites.

From Bouncing Babies to Teens: Young Animal Issues

This month we focus on how to support young animals in their formative stages from birth into their “teens”. Young animals seem to have boundless energy and sometimes need help constructively channeling that appropriately, as well in training situations. Some of the scenarios we will cover include: potty/litterbox training, eating inappropriate objects/feces, following training/learning discernment, over-stimulation, teething, finding their role/place in the pack/family dynamic.

Healing Your Pet's Emotions: The Key to Lasting Healing

This month we focus on the emotional health of your pets and how it can significantly improve their overall quality of life and well-being. When we work beyond the physical body at the emotional level, we can address many issues such as boredom, grief/loss, abandonment, depression, sibling rivalry, aggression, bullying, guilt, shaming; mirroring person/pet owner’s emotional state, and more.

Welcome Home! Acclimating New Pets and Family Members

Our topic this month will help those pet parents who are either bringing in a new pet to the family, or a new family member into the existing human and pet family. Whether your new pet is a rescue, from a breeder, or a feral, they can face challenges in acclimating to a new family home environment. Also, it can be challenging when a new baby or other family member comes into the family, as everyone now needs to adjust and get used to the newcomer.

Serene Seniors: Creating Quality of Life for Aging Pets

This month’s topic focuses in on how pet parents can provide quality of life for their aging pet. As they go through the aging process, they can have more achy joints and bodies that slow them down, or they seem to lose vitality and interest or engagement. We want to find ways to keep them mobile, happy, and serene in their golden years. Also, our animals naturally understand the death and dying process, but often prolong their time with us to allow us to prepare for their passing. We can learn how to gracefully and peacefully support and honor their transition when it is their time to leave their physical body.

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